We (Rosy Martin and Verity Welstead) have been working collaboratively since November 2017 to challenge and counter ageist views and attitudes. 

I, Rosy, started worked with Kay Goodridge 20 years ago on turning 50 (www.outrageousagers.co.uk) and felt the need to revisit the issue of ageing now that I am in my 70’s whereas I ,Verity, ( in my 50’s) had started to investigate the feelings of loss associated with teenage daughters moving on. 

We shared our stories and our feelings about how it was to be seen as older women in supportive and empathetic exchanges, in which we could each gain understanding of each other’s specific circumstances. The age gap between us and our diverse life experiences produced insightful similarities and differences. We brainstormed ideas as to how to make these experiences visible and ways of confronting any fears or trepidation. We used Phototherapy techniques in some of the projects that I, Rosy, had developed to explore highly personal issues.

Rosy Martin has an essay Outrageous ageing as Activism in Feminist Art Activisms And Artivisms. Katy Deepwell, Ed.

Published by Valiz, Netherlands 2020